Jos Sheepers and his Cartesio printers – how to 3D print a 3D printer

20 марта 2013, 17:36
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There’s a joke we hear a lot – “What would you like to print? – A 3D printer, of course!”. Thanks to Jos Sheepers, now you can. Well, you can get a 3D printed 3D printer from his company

We know that the 3D printing industry is “hot” and it’s driven by innovative and entrepreneurial people from all over the world. is excited to bring you exclusive material about people and companies that shape the present and the future of 3D printing. We start today with an interview with Jos Scheepers from Maastricht, the Netherlands. He’s founder and owner of – a company that produces Cartesio 3D printers. We recently met Jos at a 3D fair in the Netherlands and he impressed us with his new 3D printer - a CartesioLDMP printer with 4 extruders that work simultaneously. The new device is not in production yet but we got to see a prototype and liked it so much we had to ask Jos to give us the interview below. His printers are quiet and fast, with big printing surfaces. Another impressive thing about’s Cartesio printers is that more than half of printer’s parts are 3D printed themselves. A 3D printed 3D printer. A clever way to produce which we wish more companies would use!

Jos (center) with his Cartesio printer

Cartesio printer at work

CartesioM V0.6

Cartesio MV0.5 (above) has a build volume of 200x200x200mm Jos, when did you first hear about 3D printing? Why did you decide to start working in this field?

Jos: About 2 years ago I needed to make a small part so I had it milled for 130 euros. At that time a friend of mine asked me to help him build a Prusa Mendel 3D printer. When we finished building it, I printed the part I mentioned before, and that cost me 0.37 euro. So I thought: there is something about this 3D printing technology....

Cartesio V0.7 Tell us a bit about your product and company?

Jos: I started MaukCC about 4 years ago. I was designing Custom Computer Cabinets/Cases.

The last thing I designed was a TV/media center screen, that would rotate horizontally when you would watch something on the screen (the backside would be a mirror or a painting). It would rotate fast with a swoosh (like: kids stand back, daddy will turn on the TV).

But then my friend Ruben came to me with his Prusa mendel 3D printer and I turned my attention to making the best affordable 3D printer. How did you come up with the name Cartesio and why?

Jos:  I named it Cartesio after the Cartesian coordinate system, the 3 axis to get around in 3D space. The original design was not to make a 3D printer but a CNC machine that can also 3D print.

So now I have a very sturdy machine that can 3D print, but can also engrave or plot or whatever tool you can mount to it.
And because it is so sturdy I can mount 4 extruders to it to either print 4 identical parts (mass production) or print 1 part in 4 colors/materials.

You can see that a lot of parts of a Cartesio printer are 3D printed What do you think the future of 3D printing holds? Which printers, techniques, materials will be the most important in 10-20 years?

Jos: I have no idea! I think both FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) have their things going for them. I was building a new type of SLA machine, because I thought that would be the type of 3D printer that would fit into every household.

It would be a machine that you would practically get for free with the resins.
Until I found out that the resins are highly dangerous materials, and will kill you if not handled properly. So it is my opinion that the whole SLA technique should be banned unless you work in a clean-room with a hazmat suit on.

Test prints from a Cartesio printer What is the most unusual object you have ever printed? What is your dream object to print?

Jos: As about 50% of the parts in the printer are printed parts, I would say the most unusual object I printed would be a 3D printer!

This concept of a self replicating machine was made up by the group. You can visit their website for some amazing insights.I do not really have a dream object to print, but I always like the objects by Dizingof  ( He’s a famous 3D designer and artist).

Here you can watch a Cartesio printer printing parts for a future Cartesio printer:

Jos Scheepers in his own words:

About 42 years ago my escape pod crashed on your little planet in the town of Maastricht in the Netherlands… I studied electronics and then worked for a company that makes sewer inspection robots for 11 years.

Besides electronics, this is where I learned how to make the best mechanical machines possible.

And then I started with 3D printing...

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