Dutch designer Yvonne van Zummeren: 3D printed bracelets inspired by Matisse and Picasso

05 апреля 2013, 16:15

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We continue our exclusive series of short portraits of fascinating 3D printing personalities with an interview with a Dutch artist and jewelry designer Yvonne van Zummeren. Her Dyvsign (www.dyvsign.com) designs are very modern and eye-catching, not to mention stylish. She bases her various bracelet designs on famous works of art and showcases not only the art behind them, but also innovative possibilities of 3D printing in jewelry business. Her example also shows that you don’t have to be a tech person and know CAD programs to make it in the 3D printing industry. Take a look at Yvonne’s designs and inspirations behind them and read the short interview with the designer below.

3Dindustry.ru: How did you find out about 3D printing? What aspects of it made you work with the technology?

Yvonne:  At the end of 2010 I talked to a former roommate of mine at a graduation party. He mentioned 3D printing, tried to explain it to me a bit, but I really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. The year after that, 3D printing kept ‘following’ me and at the end of 2011 I decided to go for it. The best parts about 3D printing for me are that I can execute my concepts that I couldn’t have done in any other way (I don’t have an official (jewelry) design education) and that I don’t need to order minimum amounts. And of course, because it’s a new technology I was very excited to work with it.

3D printed bronze bracelet “Your Gaze Hits the Side of my Face” – inspired by a piece by Barbara Kruger

3Dindustry.ru: Tell us a bit about your creative process. Do you first choose a piece you are using as inspiration and then choose shapes and materials?

Yvonne:  Dyvsign’s jewelry is based upon works of art, I really love telling the story behind an artwork. It’s a great way for people to become more enthusiastic about art.  I studied Art History so I have a lot of art books at home. I grab some books, start to read them and eventually I become inspired by either the visual of a work of art or the story behind it. And then I start sketching the design.

3Dindustry.ru: Does someone help you make 3D models and designs? What 3D printing service do you use or do you have your own printer?

Yvonne:  I’m not a technical person, I’m a concept thinker. I do have knowledge about the technical possibilities and limitations of 3D printing of course, but I can’t use a CAD program. I have a wonderful friend who understands me immediately and she is great in turning my concepts and sketches into a 3D design. After the design is finished I have several 3D printing services I use, amongst others Shapeways and 3DWorknet.

White nylon bracelet “La Danse des Voiles” inspired by a piece by Picasso

3Dindustry.ru: What else would you like to make using 3D printing? What materials or technologies are you excited about (more metal, maybe gold?)

Yvonne:  Besides telling the story behind an artwork, the other pillar that Dyvsign is based on, is telling the story of 3D printing. Therefore I want to work with as many materials as possible to show the possibilities of 3D printing. In a couple of weeks there will be a new, smaller version of La Gerbe available, printed in massive silver and guilded steel and for my next collection I also want to experiment with new materials. There’s one material I really can’t wait for, and that’s the leather by Modern Meadow.

3Dindustry.ru: What is your favourite design you've created?

Yvonne:  That would be the bracelet La Gerbe [see below]. It’s based upon a work of art by Matisse and so many people recognize it: “Hey, your bracelet looks like a work of Matisse!”. I really love that, it shows that Dyvsign’s concept of telling the story of art really works.

3D printed nylon La Gerbe bracelets inspired by Henri Matisse

Yvonne in her own words:

Dyvsign is at the forefront of developments in the field of 3D printing with conversions to special and exclusive designs. Designer Yvonne van Zummeren (1984) is an art historian who takes inspiration for her creations from works of art. She sees her wearable designs as a medium, taking the original story from the artist and bringing it across to a wider audience.

"During my art history studies, I found that telling the story behind the artwork is a great way for people to become more enthusiastic about art. The art inspired bracelets are printed with a 3D printer, combining both traditional and modern."
Undeniably the design of wearable Dyvsign creations are real conversation pieces, through the creative process, as well as the narrative and artistic concept.

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